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United Church Dorchester: Coronavirus and the latest lockdown

Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, the church and its buildings largely remain closed, other than for limited, permitted activities (i.e. Blood Donors, AA). However, 'live' church services re-started on Sunday 28th March.

The most recent updates, taking account of the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, include:

Church services: updated 18 March

We are pleased to confirm that 'live' services, with a preacher in church, have now re-started again: full details can be found on the Services page.  

Details of on-line alternatives (including written services, YouTube and Zoom services, and national TV and radio broadcasts) can also be found on the Services page.

Please contact Wendy Hilton if you cannot access the printed service and would like a paper version delivered.

Private Prayer: updated 18 March

Given the re-starting of live services in church, and the need to continue follow strict guidelines on Coronavirus, it has been decided that the church will not be open at any other times for Private Prayer. Please contact either of the Ministers or Wendy Hilton if you need support for any pastoral issues.

Church shop has re-opened: updated 23 March

For further information, please see the Church Shop page.

Badminton clubs stop: updated 5 January

Neither of the Badminton clubs are currently meeting: please see the Badminton pages for further information.

Circuit Craft group: updated 5 January

Although the UCD group is not currently meeting because of Coronavirus restrictions, a Circuit Craft group continues to meet via Zoom: please see the Patchwork and Craft page for more details.


Please assume that unless otherwise listed here, no other events, activities or meetings are taking place.




Give thanks for your Covid vaccination

Have you or your loved ones had your vaccine? To show your appreciation would you like to help families who have lost everything as they face the threat of this deadly virus?

Christian Aid is asking for support in its work with refugees and families who have fled violence and hunger in countries suffering conflict. Many live in crowded refugee and displacement camps with little access to medical care, clean water or enough food, making them extremely vulnerable to COVID.

Please read more about this, and find a prayer for these time, by looking at the ‘Give thanks for your vaccine’ poster, or go to the Christian Aid web site which includes information on how to donate.

Alternatively, you can contribute to the Methodist District Appeal for the same cause: the District has set a challenge of raising at least £2,600 – representing our District number of 26 - and is asking people to give as generously as they can.



Covid vaccination fraud

The safeguarding office of the Southampton Methodist District has alerted us to a widespread scam currently doing the rounds – please see the details in the District's information sheet.

Please note especially that 'The NHS will never ask you for banking details, passwords, or Pin numbers’. If you have any suspicions at all, do not proceed, but instead contact Action Fraud so that the right authorities can investigate.



General support for church members

Are you worried about going out, now? Finding it hard to cope with queuing? Family too far away to help? Needing to self-isolate?

Please don’t struggle on alone and put yourself at risk.  Don’t forget there is a cheerful and willing band of younger folk from church who are very happy to help out.  We are happy to continue shopping, collecting prescriptions or other tasks as long as needed so if you, or folk you know, need support then please don’t hesitate to make contact. 

Support is being coordinated by Gill and Peter Robinson.



Keeping church members in touch with each other

We have been holding a virtual or online ‘coffee and chat’ session since the start of the pandemic, meeting three times a week, at 11.00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For a little more information, including details of how we can support you through the logistics, please see the Coffee and Chat information sheet.

If you think you might be interested in joining this group (on any of the days), please just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Christian Aid Week 2021

Christian Aid Week will take place this year between 10th and 16th May.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved, despite the uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the national programme of events and challenges, a local series of opportunities to get involved is currently being planned. These will depend on the continued easing of lockdown restrictions, but if all goes to plan, the events listed on our Christian Aid Week page should be going ahead - do check back on the page nearer the time to check the details.



Dorchester Poverty Action

Are you one of the financially lucky ones during the coronavirus epidemic that has actually more money in your bank account than normal?  In DT1 and DT2 many people are not so fortunate for a variety of different reasons, some work-related, others due to difficult family situations.

Dorset Poverty Action has been there all through coronavirus supporting local people in DT1 and DT2, making grants of up to £200 to local people who have hit a financial crisis, at the request of a professional worker or agency who knows their circumstances.

With no fund-raising events, Dorchester Poverty Action is depending on the generosity of local people who perhaps realise that they have not spent as much this year as they usually do.  Please consider if you are one of these good people and make a donation by visiting the Dorchester Poverty Action website.




News from Traidcraft

Traidcraft continue to trade in their new, slimmed down company. The Spring catalogue is now out, containing a complete range of Fairtrade foods, gifts and clothing.

The church shop has now re-opened, so do please come and support the Fairtrade movement.