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Safeguarding is about creating safe spaces for everyone.  Dorchester United Church is committed to ensuring that all children, young people and adults who may be at risk of abuse, feel safe and cared for whilst they are involved in our Church activities.  Through the Methodist Church Safeguarding Training programme, ‘Creating a Safer Space’ and our Church Safeguarding Policy it is our aim that all those working with children, young people and adults who may be at risk of abuse will be confident in recognising situations of abuse and respond appropriately to situations of concern.  

Important Contact:


Safeguarding Coordinator - Janice YoungFemale Blank


Contact: 07789 763844

Or email via the Contact Us Page


Safeguarding Policies and Guidance:

Various local and national policies inform our safeguarding work, as well as relevant guidance materials. The most significant are:

The United Church Dorchester policy
The Dorset South and West Methodist Circuit policy
The Safeguarding area of the Methodist Church in Britain
Updated national guidance on Safer Working Practice for Adults who Work with Children and Young People


Safeguarding Reporting

If you see something that makes you uncomfortable or a disclosure is made to you please feel free to use the Church Report Form, to record what you see or is disclosed to you. When you have completed it please sign and date it and talk to Janice Young (see above for contact details).


Safeguarding for other groups using the church premises

Church Councils are required to ensure that those who use their premises under licence or who hire the premises for regular or occasional use are given a copy of the local church safeguarding policy and declare their willingness to comply with the safeguarding policy of the Methodist Church or have comparable equivalent guidelines and procedures.  The Lettings Agreement form confirms these requirements: if you have any queries about the form or the process please speak to Janice Young (see above for contact details).

If an organisation requires a key to be issued allowing them access to the property when it would normally be locked a nominated representative from the organisation will be required to sign a Keyholder declaration form.