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Church Music

Music is central to the worship and wider life of the church. We welcome anyone who wants to contribute by playing or singing, which encourages many people to be actively involved in music-making opportunities.

Some of the groups contribute on a regular basis to the weekly services; others are more informal, and often take a role in outreach by visiting local care homes or taking part in local events.

If you think you might like to be involved, please explore the information below, or contact our Director of Music directly.

Church Choir

The church choir is a traditional, four-part harmony choir. It leads the singing for Sunday services every week, and often for special services as well.

Music Group

The music group is an ad-hoc group of instrumentalists which supports the singing and other parts of Sunday services. Currently, we have available for the group: rhythm and bass guitars, violins and viola, euphonium and bass trombone, clarinets and recorders.

Singing group

The Singing Group is for those who just enjoy the companionship of singing in a group. We usually sing in unison, although some of those who are able sometimes add other harmonies.

It sings for some services both at United Church and in other local churches.

Brass Ensemble

Due to falling numbers of players, it has been decided that the church brass group will take a break from rehearsing on Tuesday evenings until the late autumn.

Brenda has retired from her regular role as conductor, and we thank her for her great commitment and enthusiasm during the last few years. 
We plan to re-form for Christmas events: Cracker Night and AFC carol playing around the town. Rehearsals for this will take place on Tuesday evenings during November and early December.
Brenda's music group

The group came into being as a result of Rev Brenda Stephenson's interest in 'Music as Therapy'.

The music is largely improvisation using live and recorded music as support.

No previous knowledge of music is needed to participate; just a willingness to 'put your mind in neutral' and 'go with the flow'.