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Child Contact Centre


Dorchester Child Contact Centre  (Registered Charity No. 1089586)

The Dorchester Child Contact Centre is a charity which enables children of separated families to enjoy contact with one or both parents and sometimes other family members in a comfortable, safe and neutral environment. The Centre is accredited by the National Association of Child Contact Centres to provide a ‘supported contact’ service.  (The ‘supervised contact’ service in Dorchester is run by Relate).


Sessions take place on the first and third Saturday afternoons of each month. We frequently have a waiting list.

The centre was founded by the United Church in 2001 and continues to have a very close relationship with the Church, including the provision of free accommodation for Contact sessions.  The present Chairman is Mrs. Stella Jones.Contact Centre logo

Contact CentreWe are always pleased to hear from prospective volunteers.  The main tasks are assisting families using the Centre, ensuring safety and security and keeping attendance records.  Volunteers work either in the ‘playroom’ (where the Contact session takes place) or by the external door to maintain security and provide a welcome and reassurance to families. Volunteers commit themselves to approximately six Contact sessions and two training events a year. 

If you would like further information, please get in touch with the Co-ordinator - Ruth Magee: call 07930 809184 or use the Contacts page to send an email. Please note, however, that the Dorchester Child Contact Centre is a very small, voluntary charity - we work entirely with volunteers, apart from the coordinator who works minimal hours. We do not have an office space, so please be patient if you do not get an immediate response.